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ACTS Privacy Policy

This policy explains what information we keep about you and your family and what we do to keep it private and secure.

1. Information We Keep About You and Your Family

ACTS maintains the following information:

2. Information Sharing Within ACTS

Your information is provided to the registrar, the registrar's staff, the webmaster, and the webmaster's staff. Your information is also provided to teachers and coordinators on a need-to-know basis.

3. Information Sharing Outside of ACTS

Your information is not shared with anyone outside of the ACTS organization, unless required by law or court order, without your consent. We will never sell your contact information, including your e-mail address, to anyone.

4. Information Safeguards

We keep your information under physical, electronic, and procedural controls.

5. Internet Privacy

5.1. Visitors to the ACTS website

We do not collect personal information when anyone visits the ACTS website. However, your browser sends us other information concerning your operating system, browser, and page navigation. This information is not personally identifiable. We collect this information and use it in combination with information collected from other visitors to understand how the website is being used and to optimize its operation.

5.2. Users of the On-line Scheduling System

5.2.1. Personal Information

The scheduling system maintains information about parents and students who are scheduled, or may be scheduled, to attend ACTS classes. This information is protected from other website visitors by your e-mail address and password. It is your responsibility to limit access to this information. It is also your responsibility to use a strong, non-obvious password to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

5.2.2. Cookies

A cookie is a way for websites to save information about you on your computer. The on-line scheduling system requires the use of cookies for proper operation. If you have turned off cookies on your computer, you must enable them when you are using the on-line scheduling system. The cookies used by the scheduling system are unique to ACTS and are not shared with any other site on the Internet. Additional general information about cookies can be found at

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